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  • Vermeer rt450 trencher with back hoe attatchment

    $350 per day
    $1,400 per week
    $4,000 per month


    • Forward/Reverse Ground Drive Foot Pedal
    • Benefit: Machine is easier to operate.
    • Atented Ground Drive Creep Override Controls
    • Benefit: Ease of operation translates to potential increase in productivity.
    • Operator’s Platform
    • Benefit: This uncluttered design allows easier access to the operator’s seat. Machine controls are conveniently located for simplified operation.
    • Grouped controls on the right side of the operator’s station.
    • Benefit: By having controls grouped in one area on the machine, it is easier for the operator to access machine attachment controls.

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    Basic Unit U.S.
    Weight base tractor w/backfill blade 3380 lbs
    Length base tractor w/ backfill blade 97″
    Width 58″
    Maximum Height 85″
    Wheel Base 46″
    Ground Clearance 7.6″
    Tread Width 46″
    ROPS Rating 7000 lbs
    Engine U.S.
    Make and Model Cummins A1700Deutz F3L2011
    Aspiration Naturally aspirated
    HP @ 2800 RPM Gross 42.2 HP
    Horsepower (net) 41.7 HP
    Maximum Torque 101 ft-lb
    Displacement 142.2 cu-in
    Number of Cylinders 3
    Cooling Method Air/Oil
    Max Operating Angle (fore & aft) 25 deg
    Max Operating Angle (left & right) 25 deg
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Air Cleaner Dry primary filter with safety element
    Electrical U.S.
    System Voltage 12 Volt
    Battery CCA Rating 660 CCA
    Alternator Current Rating (amp) 60 Amp
    Capacities U.S.
    Fuel Tank Capacities 14 gal
    Engine Oil with Filter 6 qt
    Hydraulic Tank 9 gal
    Hydraulic System 12.5 gal
    Ground Drive – General U.S.
    Ground Drive Type Hydrostatic
    Clutch Type 0
    Brakes U.S.
    Parking Type Enclosed Wet Type Multi Disc
    Steering U.S.
    Type Hydraulic
    Outside Turning Diameter (front steer only, tires) 12.75′
    Outside Turning Diameter (front/rear steer, tires) 9.5′
    Rear Steer Control Type Hydraulic
    Center Mount Trencher U.S.
    Model Name TR450
    Drive Type Hydrostatic
    Weight – Includes boom/chain 1160 lbs
    Maximum Digging Depth 60″
    Maximum Cutting Width 12″
    Minimum Cutting Width 5″
    Sliding Offset Trencher-Rubber Tire Only U.S.
    Model Name SO450
    Drive Type Hydrostatic
    Maximum Digging Depth 60″
    Minimum Cutting Width 5″
    Maximum Cutting Width 12″
    Plow U.S.
    Model Name VP40
    Weight includes blade 980 lbs
    Plow Depth Range 24″
    Backhoe U.S.
    Model Name B450
    Weight With Largest Bucket 1500 lbs
    Maximum Digging Depth 77.75″
    Swing Arc 170 deg
    Maximum Swing Torque 3400 ft.lbs
    Leveling Angle 0 deg
    Bucket Rotation 124 deg
    Backfill Blade U.S.
    Model Name 6-way blade
    Maximum Width 54″
    Maximum Height 15″
    Maximum Swing Angle 30 deg
    Maximum Lift Above Ground 13.5″
    Maximum Drop Below Ground 10″
    Maximum Tilt Angle 12 deg
    Angle of Approach 23 deg
    Porta Bore U.S.
    Drive Type Hydraulic
    Maximum RPM @ full throttle 0 rpm
    Maximum Torque 0 ft-lb
    Direction of Rotation CW/CCW
    Rod Length 10′
    Vermeer rt450 trencher with back hoe attatchment